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Calage de Grain de Sail à Lorient avec 4 Work’Up 20-43

Cradling of « Grain de Sail », with 4 Nautipark Work’Up 20-43

Cradling of « Grain de Sail », with 4 Work’Up 20-43 :

21 September 2020/by Seb@dmin
Guide de calage par Nautipark

Nautipark invents the cradling support tools

To help you in your cradling, we created 2 simple & intuitive…
16 September 2020/by Seb@dmin

NAUTIPARK, The catamaran Specialist

PARKLEV 30Tons Cata, the new reference to haul out all your catamarans…
11 September 2020/by Seb@dmin


Fisher boats cradling with our WUM 20Tons.
Boats of 250T &…
1 September 2020/by Seb@dmin
Nautipark Sweden

Thanks to all Swedish professionnals, for your warm welcome

11 February 2020/by Seb@dmin

Brandnew trailer : QUICKLEV 17T

QUICKLEV 17T, the new hydraulic trailer reference, for motor…
21 October 2019/by Seb@dmin

Thanks to all Australian professionals for your warm welcome!

23 September 2019/by Seb@dmin

Thanks to all New-Zealanders professionals for your warm welcome!

23 September 2019/by Seb@dmin

Thanks to all Swiss professionals for your warm welcome

23 September 2019/by Seb@dmin

Nautipark Handling photos competition

Send us your best handling photo with a Nautipark trailer and…
11 June 2019/by Seb@dmin

Nautinews 5 – January 2019

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For any information or questions,…
23 April 2019/by agathe

Introduction to the Figaro by all the NAUTIPARK team, with our Skipper Frédéric DENIS

25 February 2018/by agathe
Nautinews 4

Nautinews #4

For a good start to 2018, here is a new episode of the NAUTINEWS.

23 January 2018/by agathe

Nautinews 3 – July 2017

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20 July 2017/by agathe

NautiNews #2 – January 2017

It is never too late to wish you all the very best for 2017!

13 January 2017/by agathe
NautiNews #1

NautiNews #1 – November 2016

We had things to tell you so we took a camera and spoke, which…
4 November 2016/by Anne-Laure


16 May 2016/by Anne-Laure

Exceptional deduction to support investment extended until April 2017

Good news! The fiscal measure of bonus depreciation (or exceptional…
19 April 2016/by Anne-Laure
loi macron 2016 ber roulant

The Macron Law allows agricultural tractors with rolling trailers to drive on the public highway

Article 27 of French law n° 2015-990 known as the “Loi Macron”…
18 February 2016/by Anne-Laure
wishes Nautipark 2016

2016 greetings video


19 January 2016/by Anne-Laure
Allez Fred - L'equipe Soutient Fred

Videos – (Sponsoring) Supporting Fred before and after he arrived!

Just a few hours before the first arrivals of the Mini Transat…
25 November 2015/by Anne-Laure

Mini Transat. Frédéric Denis winner at Pointe-à-Pitre on NAUTIPARK

Frédéric Denis (NAUTIPARK) imposed himself on Friday in Guadeloupe,…
25 November 2015/by Anne-Laure

Nautipark extends its premises!

The Nautipark company recently extended its premises to contain…
24 November 2015/by Anne-Laure

Breaking News: Frédéric Denis (Nautipark) winner at Pointe-à-Pitre

Frédéric Denis (Nautipark) winner at Pointe-à-Pitre
of the…
24 November 2015/by Anne-Laure
salon nautique Paris - Nautipark

Nautipark at the 2015 Nautic boat show

From 4th to 13th December, the international boat show takes…
24 November 2015/by Anne-Laure
Nauty'Mor - Chantier - Parklev

The Nauty’Mor shipyard equipped by Nautipark!

Nauty’Mor shipyard in Hennebont recently equipped itself with…
31 October 2015/by Anne-Laure
Sponsoring - Echange - Federer - Nautipark

Les collaborateurs Nautipark à la barre du mini 6.50 de Fréd – Vidéo !

Jeudi 03 septembre 2015, les collaborateurs de l'entreprise Nautipark…
9 September 2015/by Anne-Laure
METS 2015 - Nautipark

SALON : Nautipark, présent au METS 2015

Le METS est la première plateforme au monde pour les professionnels…
2 September 2015/by Anne-Laure
Nautipark traverse l'atlantique

NAUTIPARK, sponsor principal de Frédéric Denis sur la Mini Transat 2015.

Voile Mini 6.50 : Le 19 septembre prochain, Frédéric Denis,…
15 August 2015/by Anne-Laure
Frédéric Denis - révélé par le Mini

SPONSORING : Frédéric Denis, le skipper Nautipark, révélé par le Mini

SPONSORING : Frédéric Denis, le skipper Nautipark, révélé…
18 May 2015/by Anne-Laure
Frédéric Denis, Thomas Coville, Nautipark / Lorient BSM

Nautipark, partenaire de Frédéric Denis et Thomas Coville sur la Lorient BSM.

MINI 6.50 : DENIS - COVILLE, un duo insolite et prometteur sur…
9 April 2015/by Anne-Laure

La société Nautipark équipe le port-à-sec de Lorient

Le port-à-sec de Lorient a été inauguré le 7 juillet et…
11 July 2014/by Anne-Laure

NAUTIPARK ouvre son dépôt dans le sud !

"Nautipark toujours plus proche de vous" et ouvre un dépôt…
3 June 2014/by Anne-Laure