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Best handling boat equipment : slipway trailer from 2.5 Tons to 30 Tons for moving sailing boats and motor boats.

For boat launches, haul outs and lifting on land, NAUTIPARK imagines, designs and develops remote controlled trailers, ensuring the protection of hulls, and the safety of men and boats. Trailers are compatible with cradling and storing material, for a more productive global solution.

We are attentive to both professional and amateur users’ needs in order to work in co-design and provide solutions that are adapted to their issues. Thanks to our integrated planning department, all our industrialised products result from a collaborative reflexion with our clients and partners.

QUICKLEV – SWL 2.5T / 5T / 10T / 17T

QUICKLEV is a remote-controlled amphibian trailer that enables you to launch your motor boat, haul it out, move it about on land and place it on a cradle quickly and easily.

PARKLIFT – Slipway Trailer SWL : 8T / 15T / 20T / 25T / 30T

PARKLEV TH has been the hydraulic amphibian cradle reference for 20 years for all maritime and river professionals. Easy to use, robust and reliable, PARKLEV TH is the result of 15 years of feedback from professionals.


The Parklev 25 Tons catamaran answers the recurring problem of multihull hauling. Their dimensions do not allow them to reach the inner harbour which means hauling them out of the water is often very expensive.

PARKLIFT – Shipyard Trailer SWL : 8T / 15T / 20T / 25T / 30T


As an additional tool for your travelift/crane, the PARKLIFT TT, allows you to:

–        Carry out handling on land simply and quickly
–        Optimise your storage surface: +30% of boats stored
–        Increase in productivity: multiply by 2 your number of handlings
–        Lower your travelift/crane maintenance costs